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Over the past few months, the concept of a dream home has been a very real one for my wife and I. Having gone through the process of buying a home and now improving it to better suit our needs, everything gaming related has been pushed to the backburner in service of bringing our home to life. While it is far less expensive than the real thing, the Dream Home board game aims to turn the romantic elements of home creation into a family-friendly board game.

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Batman Kickstarter Tour from Monolith

The company behind the massively successful Conan Miniatures Board Game, Monolith Edition (Website Facebook Twitter), will show us a sneak preview of their upcoming Batman Miniatures Board Game . With the tremendous support of Gilles Plantin we will have 2 exclusive demo nights scheduled for you on January 17 and February 7th. Registration is free... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2017-10-30

WHAT'S HOT Sorastro's shared a picture about the scale difference between Star Wars Legion and Star Wars Imperial Assault. There is a slight difference, but visible enough not to make the games compatible between each other (of course as to be expected by FFG). Here's a great drawing-explanation of how-to apply highlights on a blade... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2017-10-09

WHAT'S HOT Some interesting online shops for accessories for your miniatures such as decals, led lights and stencils on fallout hobbies. Decals and stencils for airbrush work available (some for free) on AirSick. I received my 3M 6002 mask for my airbrush painting sessions. Happy about it, it's comfortable on the head, and I can... Continue Reading →

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