Star Wars: Legion – First impressions

Meeples & Miniatures

I had the chance over the past few days to play a couple of games of the long-anticipated new miniature wargame from Fantasy Flight GamesStar Wars: Legion.

This is the fourth miniatures wargame that FFG have produced, following on from X-Wing and Armada in the Star Wars universe, plus the fantasy battle game Runewars.

Last Thursday evening, store owner Ian Mann invited us over to Boards & Swords Hobbies in Derby to play the game for the first time. I ended up taking on the Great Guru himself (which was a bit of a surprise, as Mr. Luff is not known as a fan of Star Wars) whilst ‘my other mate Dave’ observed and heckled.


As you might expect from Fantasy Flight Games, the components are, with the odd exception, excellent. The miniatures look great – they are around 32mm in size (the same size as…

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Games Talks: Trick Taking

Let’s talk today about Trick Taking that is a game mechanism mostly used in card games. Which Games ? My favorite is definitively The Bottle Imp, called Le Diable dans la Bouteille in French. You will find the classic Bridge, Diamonds, Haggis, Rattus Cartus, Tichu, Gang of Four, Hearts, NIET just to name a few... Continue Reading →

Prepare the future

  Hi all, instead of a long email I filmed this video to share with you CRUCIAL news about the future of your Boardgame Monkeys group. Watch this video to understand upcoming changes. You will find here the digital version of the presentation.          

Gaming Weekend 2018

  After the success of the first dry-run weekend in 2017 with a few organizers, we are now officially announcing our 2nd edition on 15-18 June 2018. A dedicated page has been created with all critical and useful details to make it happen. Where will we go ? Les Gîtes d’Herlinval has Le Frêne and... Continue Reading →

Stonemaier rumbles

Very short but interesting news from Jamie from Stonemaier Games about his upcoming release schedule : - We’ll get in the 2nd quarter (late spring) a small expansion of Viticulture (similar to the Moor Visitors expansion but with a « twist »). - We’ll have the already announced Scythe expansion Rise of Fenris for Gen... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2018-02-26

WHAT'S HOT I’ve been looking at the miniature holders on which looks interesting but I do feel it is restrictive for larger figures, although they do plan to make an XL version I read on their website. Kris Belleau made a short video review of the product. There are alternatives like the rathcore products you... Continue Reading →

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