Games Talks: I’m alone today what should I play ?

image by BGG user Henning


Friday (Friedmann Friese, 2F Spiele/Rio Grande Games) is a solo deckbuilding game where you are Robinson Crusoe’s man Friday, trying to give him the skills he needs to survive. It has a good rating of 7.3 on Boardgamegeek and was nominated in 2012 for the Kenner Spiel Des Jahres (but didn’t won the award).

You start the game with a deck of 18 cards, most of which are not helpful.  Each turn, you’ll reveal two hazards from the hazard deck and choose one to fight.  You’ll then reveal as many cards from your deck as are indicated on the card, hoping for enough fighting points to defeat the hazard.

If you succeed, the hazard is flipped 180 degrees and goes into your discard pile, where it will start giving you extra benefits (more cards, more fighting points, the ability to trash unwanted stuff, and so on).  If you fail, you can either spend life points to keep fighting or can take the loss and lose life equal to the difference between what you have and what you needed.

When the hazard deck runs out, you shuffle the discards and they all become harder to defeat.  After you’ve been through the hazard deck three times, you need to fight and defeat two pirates of varying difficulties.  If you succeed, you win.  If your life point total ever dips below 0, you lose.


You can watch the Radho’s Runthrough over here