Learning Bench 2018-02-07

WHAT'S HOT Painting gems can be really tough to do, here are 3 methods found on a Privateer Press forum that shows you what to do. Study this closely to see each step. You will find a beginners guide to painting gems on HCO if you want to dig further. Although I had an online... Continue Reading →


Learning Bench 2018-1-17

WHAT'S HOT I'm back after a long end of year break from November to January with well deserved vacation and family time. This year will hopefully be inspiring for all of us to learn new painting techniques and catch up on our mini's desperately waiting to get some colors. I will be sharing my progress... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2017-10-30

WHAT'S HOT Sorastro's shared a picture about the scale difference between Star Wars Legion and Star Wars Imperial Assault. There is a slight difference, but visible enough not to make the games compatible between each other (of course as to be expected by FFG). Here's a great drawing-explanation of how-to apply highlights on a blade... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2017-10-09

WHAT'S HOT Some interesting online shops for accessories for your miniatures such as decals, led lights and stencils on fallout hobbies. Decals and stencils for airbrush work available (some for free) on AirSick. I received my 3M 6002 mask for my airbrush painting sessions. Happy about it, it's comfortable on the head, and I can... Continue Reading →

Games Talks: January 2016

There are a lot of different pieces of kit available to the hobbyist. Saws, pin vices, files, there are a multitude of tools that can be used to fulfill certain roles in assembling or converting miniatures. However there is one fundamental, one essential, tool that all hobbyists must possess. The hobby knife. Technically, there is... Continue Reading →

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