Flamingo adventure begins

0593b7bebda82a6997bda81c95775432 The building is huge … spacious and just perfect for gaming nights ! Yes, we are moving in on Tuesday’s at the well-known bar called Flamingo in Brussels.

It’s location (see Google Maps) makes it easy for both public transport as well as car access. Admittedly, yes we’re still in the city and you might have to drive around the block to find a parking spot, but still, we’re not 100 % downtown, so it should be manageable to park.

What about the place ? Well, I would suggest you just drop by for our first Monthly Flamingo on Tuesday 20th January to discover it ! You can register (free) on our Meetup page to join us. We have already 18 people joining – that just 1 day after posting the event details.

The bar has good ratings on the web, you will be able to drink (including some cocktails) and also eat (they have a kitchen) some snacks.BGM---Afterwork-Banner-V3

What about the games ? We will play light and medium weight games – leaving aside the heavy weight category for this first time at the place. I want to ensure that everybody accommodates well, in a nice and cosy atmosphere. There are also a lot of new players joining for the 1st time, so it’s good to have a game selection that enables everybody to connect and have fun.



Monkeys’ Statistics: Winter 2014

This is now a recurrent update I provide to our members every quarter. For many of you, this will be the first newsletter you receive. Indeed, we have a whole bunch of people who registered to our meetup in the last 3 months (24 people in October and 16 people in November). We’re actually close to reaching the 300 members now.


Like in many groups, we do have active and inactive members. Our split is fairly good compared to other Meetup groups, we’re trending towards 1/3 of the members who are actually joining us on events (with a slight increase that you can see on below statistics).
You’ve all been seeing the media/press speaking about boardgames in the past months, it’s becoming a really new hype to play boardgames and the national (both French and Dutch) Belgian press is actually relaying this trend. It’s all benefits for groups like ours of course.
La Table Food & Games, our “regular hang-out” had 4 articles (in Le Soir, La Libre, La DH) and 2 TV and radio interviews in the last months. Being sponsored by big publishers like Asmodee, Repos Prod and others they are also now having on an ongoing basis all the new releases available for free to play.
Although it was back in August, the 2nd edition of the Brussels Games Festival (4000 visitors this year) gave the opportunity for many people to discover also not only the gaming place but also key actors of boardgaming scene in Brussels.

Next week: Metropolys Tournament


We’re hosting next Thursday 17th of April a special Metropolys Tournament with a few boxes from the members. It will follow the well-known “Swiss system” for the ranking of players.


What is Metropolys all about ?

The game version we’re playing is edited by Ystari. In this game, the  players are urban planners in quest of prestige. Over the course of the game, players will try to construct their buildings in the best locations. As soon as a player has placed all of their buildings, the game ends. The player with the most prestige is the winner. Each turn a player will pick a space on the board and place one of their buildings (bidding markers) into the space, with the bidding number shown. Each following player can then either pass or raise the bid by placing a higher numbered building into an adjacent space. The eventual winner of the bid flips his building number side down and all losing bids are returned to players. A new round commences.


Come and join us on the Meetup – there are still a few spots left.




We reached 101 Members …

A short but exiting news to share with all of you. We reached today the 101 members in our Meetup Group ! Ozana & myself are very exited about this achievement if you know that we started from scratch back on 20th June with a few members.

After 3 months of hard work, promotion and a few successful events, we have reached our initial target (I expected 100 members by end of the year). What you can read in most of the feedbacks is the following words: “fun”, “well organized”, “structured”, “great night”. Thanks all of you participating to this wonderful adventure !