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To facilitate my discussions with my hobby painting group and my online painting teachers (Salaise Figurine Studio and Dr Faust’s Painting Clinic), I’ve decided to create this page explaining how my working bench looks like and what Material I use. Let’s just clear the air upfront: do I believe the more material you have, the better you’ll be – absolutely not. Do I believe good quality material and paint will facilitate my hobby ? Definitively think so !

My workbench

I’ve invested – let’s use that word because it was a certain budget – into the hobbyzone modular workshop system to have a “clean desk” policy. My desk is also used for my day-job and I like to keep things tight around here. It is important for me to be able to close my working laptop and switch over to the hobby in a blink of an eye.

I have an airbrush station to minimizes the risk of overspray from airbrush or spray paint in the working area. It consists of drawer, turntable, airbrush holder and place for clip holders.

My paint station is used when I have to move around the house with some of my material. I took the biggest size measuring 60 cm x 40 cm x 8 cm as it has three rows to put paint where it should fit up to 50 pieces. A dozen holes for brushes, files, knives, glue and two water cup holders.

I have 2 special lamps in addition to my regular spotlights in the room:

  • A LightCraft Compact Table Magnifier LED Lamp
  • A LightCraft Triple Tube Pro Task Lamp (3x 14watt tubes for 250w of daylight)

Painting Selection

I’m am not bound to only one brand but started off like many with The Army Painter, then moved on to Vallejo and recently added some Scale 75 paints. I also have some “special effects” from Modelmates (recently out of business) and a few old Rackham (out of business) pots along with some Citadel (new generation) paints.

From The Army Painter:

From Games Workshop (Citadel):

From Vallejo:

  • Vallejo White Stone – 200ml: High density medium containing marble dust and titanium white.
  • Vallejo Glaze Medium: A colorless glaze which is used to mix with acrylic colors; improves fluidity, increases transparency, and slows drying time. Ideal for shadows, shadings, glazes and working with pigments.
  • Vallejo Metal Medium – 17ml: An acrylic medium formulated with mica, which can be mixed with acrylic colors to create an iridescent lustre or applied by itself for a silvery iridescent effect.
  • Vallejo Chipping Medium – 17ml: which is a water-based Medium to create flaked paint, scratches, and rust chips. Can be applied with airbrush or brush to create chipping effects with water-based acrylic colors.
  • Vallejo Surface Primer White & Grey
  • Vallejo Fantasy-Pro Fairy Flesh Set
  • Vallejo Fantasy-Pro Malefic Flesh Set
  • Vallejo Game Effects Special Effects Set
  • Various ~60 Game colors
  • Various ~40 Model colors
  • Vallejo Matte/Satin Varnish
  • Vallejo Retarders/Medium/…

From Scale 75:

Other Stuff:

  • Army Painter Quick Shade Strong Tone
  • Vallejo Primers for airbrush: White & Grey
  • Rackham Starter Set paints
  • Modelmates – Sand Brown – 18ml – MOM49206
  • Modelmates – Mould – 18ml – MOM49208
  • Modelmates – Rusty Red – 18ml – MOM49204
  • Modelmates – Dirty Yellow – 18ml – MOM49209
  • Modelmates – Slate – 18ml – MOM49207
  • AK interactive Figure (~40 pots) and Weathering (~5 pots) products
  • Minitaire Ghost Tint Orange, Dark Green and Bile for airbrush

Color Primers from The Army Painter

I use different colors depending on the tone and the extra-fine pigment and special nozzle combination makes the color primers easily cover the first time. I rarely have to spray more than 1 or sometimes 2 layers. The advantage is that it’s a primer and color spray in one and the color matches the 18ml bottles (useful for some brush touch-up). I prefer them over the Citadel range because they make less bubbles and splashes while spraying on the miniatures.

All primers are acrylic based, matt (not as matt as Scale75 though), dries very quickly and can be be used on metal, plastic and resin miniatures.

  • Matt White Undercoat
  • Matt Black Undercoat
  • Anti Shine Matt Varnish
  • Leather Brown
  • Barbarian Flesh
  • Uniform Grey
  • Desert Yellow
  • Skeleton Bone
  • Necrotic Flesh
  • Fur Brown
  • Wolf Grey
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Gun Metal





Royal & Langnickel Brushes:

  • Royal & Langnickel Nr. 2 Royal Gold Filbert brush – R170-2
  • Royal & Langnickel Nr. 4 Royal Gold Pointed Round brush – R250-4
  • Royal & Langnickel Nr. 6 Royal Gold Filbert brush – R170-6

The Army Painter Brushes:

  • Wargamer: Small Drybrush
  • Wargamer: Large Drybrush
  • Wargamer: Insane Detail
  • Wargamer: Detail
  • Wargamer: Character
  • Wargamer: Regiment
  • Wargamer: Vehicle & Scenery

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Brushes:

  • Winsor Series 7 – Size 00 – Ø 1,2mm
  • Winsor Series 7 – Size 0 – Ø 1,5mm
  • Winsor Series 7 – Size 1 – Ø 1,8mm
  • Winsor Series 7 – Size 2 – Ø 2mm

Raphael Serues 8404

  • Raphael Series 8404 – Size 6/0 – Ø 1,1mm
  • Raphael Series 8404 – Size 4/0 – Ø 1,5mm
  • Raphael Series 8404 – Size 3/0 – Ø 1,7mm
  • Raphael Series 8404 – Size 2/0 – Ø 2,0mm
  • Raphael Series 8404 – Size 0 – Ø 2,2mm
  • Raphael Series 8404 – Size 1 – Ø 2,5mm
  • Raphael Series 8404 – Size 2 – Ø 3,0mm


Various products in my drawers

  • Testors Dullcote spray (Matte)
  • Citadel Purity Seal Spray (semi-matt)
  • Scale 75 Paintkiller – 100 ml
  • PVA Glues and Plastic Glues (4 Grounds)
  • The Masters’ Brush Cleaner  soap
  • Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner: for brushes which have been used with alcohol based paints and brushes which simply need a more thorough cleaning.
  • Vallejo Brush Restorer: Softens and restores all fine brushes used for water colors, miniatures (without alcohol).
  • Vallejo Liquid Mask: Used to reserve areas which are to remain unpainted with a protective film.
  • Green Stuff (The Army Painter) Mr Dissolved Putty imported from Mr Hobby (China) are used to fill in gaps.

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