PACG: Locations Cards


When you choose a Scenario card and place it face up on the table. The Scenario card lists the type and number of locations (based on the number of players) that will make up the adventure. It also gives the players their goal to achieve victory! (Usually by facing a nasty villain!) Take the Locations listed and place them in the middle of the table with some space between.

Remember is that a Blessing deck = 30 Cards|Turns (ALWAYS!)

The locations splits has this setup Locations = 10 Cards.

  • 1 Player = 30 Location Cards
  • 2 Player = 40 Location Cards
  • 3 Player = 50 Location Cards
  • 4 Player = 60 Location Cards
  • 5 Player = 70 Location Cards
  • 6 Player = 80 Location Cards

This makes things like Apothecary (Location) and Cleric (Character) semi-costly. Every opportunity spent not exploring is fighting the clock, and the larger the group, that can be even more costly.

With 6 players there are 80 cards across 8 locations. Every player will need to use, at minimum, one Blessing of the Gods to explore a second time. With some success, that will let you explore 60 cards. Of course, it’s ideal if some players explore more often – characters like Amiri or Merisiel, who are combat powerhouses, can afford to spend two or three Blessings on extra explore actions.


A few things to remember :

  • Always use allies that have a free explore action.
    Try to keep your blessing for extra exploration.
  • Always close the location at the first opportunity.
  • Look at the closing requirement and split your party to maximize the odds of closing them.
  • Try to close the 2 extra location ASAP then split to maximize the odds of cornering the vilain.
  • Try to find the magic candle and always use it as soon as there is 6 cards in the blessing deck discard. (this is like one less player in difficulty).
  • Use Detect Magic and Augury intensively, Detect Evil is a bit less useful.
  • Forget about the loot, the loot will always come, finish the mission ASAP.
  • You should also put people at locations they have the best chance at closing, or Temporary Closing.
  • When the Villain shows up, a well organized and setup party can temporarily close the opening because it has the Wizard at the Intelligence Check, the Ranger/Barbarian at the Survival Check, etc.
  • If you keep in mind that exploration is the single most important thing in this game, I expect that games with higher player numbers will start to go a lot smoother in the future.
  • Characters that can Recharge cards to add, or just add, dice to other players are more valuable. Harsk (Dwarf Ranger) can add 1d4 initially to other player’s combat checks at locations he is not at; and can view/reveal the top of his Location deck at the end of turn.
  • The more players can support each other the more meaningful each turn is, and that translates into non-wasted turns, and for 6 players that is huge.
  • Try not to stack your characters (in a larger group), the more location you cover the more efficiently you corner your prey.
  • Limit full support character (in a larger group), everyone should be able to take down the villain, in a large group time is of the essence and counter-intuively a full support character is wasting exploration turn and location.
  • Specializing is not the death of a character, provided they are able to sustain that role in the group. This is classic RPG stuff. Example: The Rogue can, and often should, run solo; or go ‘rogue’. The Ranger helps drastically here as he can stay off her location and still add bonuses.



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