PACG: Golden Rules Summary


Below a summary of rules extracted from the official rules (Version published on Paizo website in February 2014) and organized in logical categories as a quick reference guide to refresh the players memory before starting your session.

The Golden Rules

  • If a card and the rulebook are ever in conflict, the card should be considered correct.
    If cards conflict with one another, then Adventure Path cards overrule adventures, adventures overrule scenarios, scenarios overrule locations, locations overrule characters, and characters overrule other card types.
  • Despite this hierarchy if one card tells that you cannot do something and another card tells you that you can, comply with the card that tells you that you cannot.
  • If a card instructs you to do something impossible, like draw a card from an empty deck, ignore that instruction.

Card & Deck Handling

  • If a card in your hand does not specify when it can be played, you can generally play it at any time, with the exception that during an encounter you may only perform specific actions at specific times.
  • You can look through your displayed, discarded, and buried cards at any time, but you may not change the order of cards in your discard pile. You may not look through your character deck unless a card specifically allows it. Don’t shuffle any stack of cards unless you’re instructed to.
  • A deck is a deck, a hand is a hand, and a pile is a pile whether or not it has any cards in it.
  • Unless a card says otherwise, drawing means taking a card from the specified source and putting it in your hand. If no source is specified, draw it from your character deck.


  • Multiple characters can choose the same starting location.
  • Starting Hand: Each character card includes a hand size for that character; draw that number of cards from your character deck. The character card also lists a favored card type. If you didn’t draw at least 1 card of that type, discard that hand and draw again, repeating as needed until your hand contains at least 1 card of the specified type.
  • If you discard so many cards that you can’t draw up to your full hand size, draw all of the remaining cards, then shuffle your discard pile into your deck and draw the rest of your hand. Shuffle any discarded cards back into your character deck.

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