PACG: Encounter sequence


Whenever you explore or otherwise encounter a card you’ll have to follow a certain sequence described below. Keep in mind that during an encounter cards/powers can only be played at certain times.

1. Reveal the encounter card

  • Action: When exploring a location, flip the top card of the Location Deck.
  • Note: Or find a named card from the box, e.g. if you need to “Summon and Defeat a Bandit Henchman”.


The turn character can play cards/powers with evade effects (unless a card/power explicitly says that it can be used to let another player evade).

  • When you evade a card, it is considered neither defeated nor undefeated.
  • If the encounter is evaded, the encounter is over. Otherwise continue the steps below.

2. Encounter the card

If you encountered a Villain each character at another location may now make one attempt to temporarily close their location. Hereby 3 point below to your attention:

  • If multiple characters are at one location they may each, in turn, try to close the location. Only one of them needs to succeed.
  • Summoned villains do not count!
  • If there are any of these on the encountered card, resolve them now. Look on the card at the following text: “‘Before the encounter” effects trigger.

In case you have move forward on an attempt for a check read this article that will help you with the sequence of actions.

3. Resolve the encounter

  • Action: If you defeated a Villain, close the villain’s location then check to see if the Villain escapes. If the Villain cannot escape then YOU WIN! The scenario ends immediately. Defeating a summoned henchman/villain does NOT give you the chance to close your Location.
  • Note: If you passed all the necessary checks then the bane was defeated (usually it will be banished) or the boon acquired (usually you will have to put in your hand). Triggers may occur, look for :
    • ‘If undefeated’ effects trigger
    • ‘If defeated’ effects trigger
    • ‘After the encounter’ effects trigger; If there are any of these on the encountered card, resolve them now

4. End of encounter

Some additional information on “Evades”:

  • If you evade a location card drawn from a Location Deck then it is shuffled back into that Location Deck, whether it is a Monster, Henchman, Villain, Barrier or any other type of Bane (or Boon).
  • If you evade a summoned card it goes back into the box (unless the summoning card said otherwise). Player cards/powers cannot change this behavior. E.g. if you evade a summoned card with Sanctuary then the summoned card does NOT go on top of the location deck.
  • If a card says something like “discard to evade a monster” it means the player that holds the card can evade a monster. You cannot play a card like this to allow somebody else evade.
  • Be sure to check any immunities. If you encounter a bane which has “Mental immunity” then you cannot play a card like Sleep (which has the mental trait), so you cannot use this card to evade that bane.

Some additional information on “Before/After the Encounter effects”:

  • If these effects cause damage then you can try to reduce it by playing cards/powers relevant to the type of damage caused.
  • Cards played now are not linked to the encounter check itself so you have free choice of card types to play (e.g. you can use an item to reduce damage before the encounter, use an item in the check itself and use an item after the encounter). Of course, the cards played have to be applicable to the type of damage dealt.

Some additional information on Summoned cards:

  • Some encounters summon other cards. When this happens you need to deal with each summoned card as a separate encounter.
  • Where multiple encounters happen at the same time (e.g. as a result of a Goblin Raid) then the Turn Player chooses the order in which they are resolved. Each encounter has to be completely resolved (get to the end of the sequence detailed here) before the next one starts.
  • When you’ve dealt with all the summoned cards you then get back to the original encounter.

Some additional information on “Henchmen”:

  • When you explore and find a henchman you will get a chance to close your current location if you defeat the henchman. You do not have to make the attempt.
  • If you fail to defeat the henchman then it is just shuffled back into the location deck like a normal undefeated bane.

Some additional information on “Villains”:

  • When you explore and defeat a villain your location is automatically closed. You get no choice about this and there is no check to pass nor cost to pay for closing the location.
  • The villain then attempts to escape, see page 18 of the Rulebook for more info.

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