PACG: Characters Class


Like in video games (especially MMO’s) you have certain types of characters (class) that you will find back in PACG base-set and base-set additional characters. In the course of 2014, there were several Pathfinder Adventure Card Game X Deck. The X standing for the class deck: Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard. With one of those decks you can explore four different X class characters in a 109-card set. Those deck features diverse new allies, weapons, spells, and other loot to take your character all the way through any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Base Set.

Player characters will increase their attributes, items, and skills over the course of each scenario, cards called Banes (Villains, Monsters, Henchmen, and Barriers) and Boons (Armor, Weapons, Spells, Blessings, Allies, Items, and Loot) will both increase in power and difficulty with each Adventure. Cards are broken into different tiers, and as Adventures are completed and the next introduced, the lower tiered item cards are replaced with higher tiered item cards in order for the difficulty level to scale appropriately with the increased character’s abilities.

You will find back complete character sheets available for download (free) on the Paizo website.


Fighter Class: Valeros, Amiri, Sajan
I’m grouping these three together because these guys seem the most likely to be able to comfortably defeat any bane they encounter – except, in most cases, for those that need magic to defeat (Ghost, Spectre, etc.), although magic weapons or Sajan’s power might help with that.

Sajan may be a bit more fragile than the other two, but he can still pump up the blessings to win when he wants to, and these get recharged – not discarded.

Scout: Harsk, Merisiel, Seelah
These three seem to adept at checking to see what’s ahead, preparing the party for what might come in the next turn or two. They’re not too shabby when it comes to combat, but there are some restrictions on it (Merisiel must be by herself to really do excellently; Harsk’s main weapon-stat is only a d8).

Seelah was a bit of a toss-up for me…wasn’t sure whether or not to put her in the Fighter or Scout group…to be honest, she could also fit in with the last group, too…

Mage / Arcanists: Seoni, Ezren
These guys can deal out damage, but the damage is different from the fighters, and spells are generally more limited in their use. Seoni’s charisma makes her a decent choice when Lem isn’t in the party; Ezren seems like he needs a larger party to help sustain him…and his ability to pump up his Arcane / Intelligence / Knowledge checks can make him a good choice when there are other party members who might benefit from his ability to successfully pick up spells and magic items.

Support / Healer: Lem, Lini, Kyra
All three of these guys seem like they’re rather mediocre at combat, but can really help the party along through healing, utility spells, and / or undead-blasting. They’re all fairly versatile; Lem might be arguably the most versatile of the bunch (perhaps even the most versatile in the entire game).


Extra Tips:

Characters who are “poor” with blessings / allies (read: extra explores per turn) should be balanced out by characters who are relatively rich in such cards.

This is easily determined by looking at the combined number of blessings + allies in their decks: Sajan (11), Seoni (9), Lem (8), Seelah (8), Kyra (7), Lini (7)…Merisiel, Harsk, and Amiri are all at 6, which is only slightly higher than Valeros (5). Ezren is terrible (3!), and requires multiple Detect Magic, Haste, or the like to be viable in a 5-6 game.

What can make Ezren shine is his ability to recharge those cards, meaning that the 3 extra explores could translate into 5+, with efficient deck-cycling. He also has an ability that grants additional explores, but it’s pretty hit-or-miss.

I would actually give all three Detect Magic spells in the game to Ezren; that guy can be a powerhouse, but getting enough explorations in can be tricky, at least until the Haste spell makes its way to him. You may also want to consider passing blessings around from character to character to even out the distribution of extra turns…one person who has two blessings / allies in their hand to explore twice may not also have the resources necessary to handle what they encounter.

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