Guide: Imperial Assault Maps


Ibrahim Sha’ath printable Imperial Assault Skirmish Maps

Find below lovingly photoshopped versions of the Skirmish maps for Fantasy Flight Games’ Imperial Assault. These are designed to be printed on A2 sheets at 300dpi, and have 5mm bleed provided at each edge.

These maps have been slightly altered from the originals: in order to keep them under 16 spaces wide and thus fit them on A2 sheets of paper, I have removed some spaces from a few of the maps (these are marked with an asterisk as best I can recall). I have tried to do this in a way that has no game-changing effect on the maps; mostly removing alcoves or extra spaces from deployment zones.

I have also altered quite a bit of the wording, either because I am British and prefer British spelling, because I wanted the mission rules to be a bit clearer, or because I wanted to make the mission fluff more concise or just better. If you disagree with these changes… tough, I guess.

Otherwise, all changes are cosmetic: there are no jigsaw joins between tiles, grids are more or less lined up, and the tiles do not have their identifying numbers/symbols.

To use these maps you must own the Fantasy Flight product in parentheses after the map’s name.


For the more discerning

The versions below have unchanged layouts, for those of you who want the exact maps from the Skirmish sheets. As such, they won’t fit on A2 sheets.