Imperial Assault mini’s in tokens format

Might be useful to some of you - hereby the list of "tokens" representing characters for each of the Imperial Assault game boxes. It's by Character - Faction - Set below:   Core box: Han Solo - Rebel - Core Chewbacca - Rebel - Core Rebel Troopers - Rebel - Core Rebel Saboteurs - Rebel... Continue Reading →


Learning Bench 2017-08-28

THINGS HAPPENED This week is shared between reading and looking at a few videos. I'm still structuring my dropbox "painting folder" which is in fact a documentation archive with all the material I've found useful to educate myself to the painting hobby. I've registered myself as Patreon on Ghool's World as I believe he's producing... Continue Reading →

General Painting Tips

  With the start of my courses with Doctor Faust Painting Clinic (Youtube channel and Patreon), I've started looking at all what he's been publishing on social media. A very interesting page stored on the Brookhurst Hobbies website is full of tips worthwhile to remember ! Below a shameless copy/past (useful in case the initial... Continue Reading →

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