Imperial Assault mini’s in tokens format

Might be useful to some of you - hereby the list of "tokens" representing characters for each of the Imperial Assault game boxes. It's by Character - Faction - Set below:   Core box: Han Solo - Rebel - Core Chewbacca - Rebel - Core Rebel Troopers - Rebel - Core Rebel Saboteurs - Rebel... Continue Reading →


Gencon 2017 releases worth to mention

I don't own any of the "Tiny" series out there (and there are quite a bunch) but this one might just make it into my collection because the theme reminds me of the Legend of Zelda series and this seems to be an homage to those games. Tiny Epic Quest is a dice rolling, grid... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2017-08-28

THINGS HAPPENED This week is shared between reading and looking at a few videos. I'm still structuring my dropbox "painting folder" which is in fact a documentation archive with all the material I've found useful to educate myself to the painting hobby. I've registered myself as Patreon on Ghool's World as I believe he's producing... Continue Reading →

General Painting Tips

  With the start of my courses with Doctor Faust Painting Clinic (Youtube channel and Patreon), I've started looking at all what he's been publishing on social media. A very interesting page stored on the Brookhurst Hobbies website is full of tips worthwhile to remember ! Below a shameless copy/past (useful in case the initial... Continue Reading →

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