Game Talks: Village

Village (Inka Brand/Markus Brand, Pegasus Spiele) is the Kennerspiel des Jahres award winner for 2012 that combines worker placement with time management.  The game plays best with 4 players and is on the heavy side in terms of rules and mechanics (complexity rating of 3.07/5 on BGG). The game is full of tactical challenges. A... Continue Reading →


Games Talks: I’m alone today what should I play ?

  Friday (Friedmann Friese, 2F Spiele/Rio Grande Games) is a solo deckbuilding game where you are Robinson Crusoe’s man Friday, trying to give him the skills he needs to survive. It has a good rating of 7.3 on Boardgamegeek and was nominated in 2012 for the Kenner Spiel Des Jahres (but didn't won the award).... Continue Reading →

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