ICE COOL Tournament

So it did happen ! Last week – on April 19 – took place the first ICE COOL tournament of the Boardgame Monkeys, sponsored by Atalia a French distributor who’s providing quality games for our hobby pleasure ! We received several boxes and a customized trophy for this occasion.

Ice Cool is produced by Brain Games Publishing who put together a fun “flicking” game for 2-4 players, playable in about 30 minutes and that won several awards ! It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s not just cool, it’s ICE COOL!

We started at 19H00 setting up the game boxes for the tournament, for most people this was a new game, never played before and a few rules explanation + tips & tricks were welcome. Having agreed on the point elaboration, of we go to set up the pools (note for later: do a random pick with names in a hat next time + print a copy of the tournament specific rules upfront). Some players started “flicking” while we waited for 19:30 kick-off and the late arrivals.


Under supervision of the referee for the tournament (that would be myself), some folks fueled their pinguins with Belgian beer in the hope to flick better through doors & above walls (yes, you can do this trick-shot with a bit of practice). All participants were actually grateful to Atalia (see their Facebook) for providing us such a beatiful Trophy and a game box for the winner. It’s with a strong determination that pinguins were flying around capturing fishes and supervisors catching the student pinguins.


Our participants are rushing through their pool, scoring points that they take with them to the next round. As the game goes on, the techniques are improved and we start seeing favorites at each tables. With 4 pools and 16 players flicking to grab the 1st position, there is intense concentration around each board. Precision is key !


Pinguins are rolling, stumbling and jumping on every table, but soon we do have our final table of competitors with the highest score over the different pools. Yvan (31 points), Gianfranco (29 points), Bernard (34 points) and Filip V.O. (35 points) are running ahead and earned their spot to play at the winners table.

And our proud winner is ….. drumroll … Bernard who receives the beautiful trophy provided by Atalia and a gamebox to play at home with his family. Congratulations to him and all players who had a very tight score (all between 20 and 30 points) by the end of the evening.

It was a fantastic night and with the remaining boxes we will certainly set a tournament up again ! Thanks all for your participation and enthusiasm. It’s was really fun, see the sneak peak below if you missed the event. Check Out ICE COOL (BGG link) at your favorite boardgameshop.



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