Game Talks: CMON Upcoming Releases

For those (like me) who where not at Gencon 2016 but following closely the new releases from various publishers, including Cool Mini Or Not. Here's a neat video of marcowargamer showing you the "upcoming display" at their booth.


The Wil Wheaton Influence ..

Love him or hate him (or just kind of… ignore him), Wil Wheaton has been a massive influence in the increased popularity of tabletop games. Stacy Conradt on Mental Floss explores the effect this hirsute individual has had on sales throughout the USA.   He told Fortune: “We started getting emails and phone calls from... Continue Reading →

GenCon 2016 News

I've been reading and listening to various updates in the last couple of days about GenCon 2016. Reports, reviews and latest news (sometimes exclusive!) has been shared now around the web from which I've picked up a few interesting points. Hereby a summary: Games such as Cry Havoc (big release for Portal Games), Beyond Backers... Continue Reading →

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