Spiel des Jahres 2016


The announcement was done not long ago with the ranking over here. The game Codenames has won the 1st place on the podium. You can expect multiple prints of those games to be made available during the Spiel 2016 that takes place between Thursday, 13 to Sunday, 16 October 2016.

I’m a bit disappointed that Karuba did not win the price this year, it has excellent reviews everywhere you find one. Here’s the game pitch :

Adventurers come to Karuba in search of jewels, gold and ancient temples. To get to these treasures, players must move each of their four explorers from the beach through the jungle via their own pathways. To do this, players lay path tiles on free spaces on their own island cards – everyone uses identical tiles each round. But an extensive path network isn’t enough. Tactical jungle planners need a movement strategy. If you discard a tile you can move an adventurer forward. The more pathways are shown on the tile, the further you can go. And the earlier you reach a temple, the more valuable its remaining treasure is.



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