Risk: Star Wars Edition


So you’re a boardgamer and think that buying games from retail stores are not “really gamers’ games” hu ? Well .. maybe you’re wrong ! Think about fun factor & material.

In this game one player plays the rebels and the other the Empire. There are three areas on the board and three things going on. One has Luke and Vader fighting. The other has a track that has the progression of the task force that seeks to blow up the shield generator. The final area is the center which is the space battle for the death star.


Each player has an unique deck of cards and each card has two or three possible actions. At the beginning of a round players will pick three of their six cards to play. Starting with the rebel player, they will reveal their top card and pick one of the symbols to resolve.

Each symbol corresponds with one of the three areas. Both sides can choose to do the lightsaber duel. This involves rolling four dice and getting 4+, each one is a hit. The first side to get the other down to zero life on this track will get several bonus actions.

Other actions can allow the rebels to move up the shield track. The rebel player rolls five dice. At the beginning they need 2+ but at the end it requires 5 and 6s. The Imperial players can add storm-troopers to this track to increase the difficulty.

The middle section is where the win conditions exist. Rebels can move and attack with squadrons of fighters or the Falcon. The Empire can attack with tie fighters, the Super Star Destroyer, spawn new fighters, or use the Death Star to blow up capitol ships (which may have starfighter reinforcements). Fighting is done rolling dice.


The Empire’s goal is to destroy all of the rebel ships. The Rebel’s player goal is to destroy Death Star. They can do this if they reach the top of the shield track, and then roll a six with a ship next to the death star. If this happen, the rebels win.

The mechanics are a lot of fun, and the theme really comes through. The biggest issue with this game are the components. Outside of the starship tokens, all of the other components are cardboard tokens. This means the shield track is really just some spaces that a cardboard chit moves up.

Try to replace these tokens with for example Micro Machine miniatures; This simple change does help a decent amount.


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