Valiant RPG for Beginners

4552989-01Catalyst Games Labs has released an RPG system based on the popular Valiant Comics universe.

Valiant Comics are most well know for their realistic and gritty interpretation of the superhero genre.
Called Valiant RPG, it is designed to be as friendly to new players of RPGs as possible. It utilises the Cue System, making it very rules-light and allowing a great deal of flexibility between the Gamemaster and players.
The main rulebook, which is currently available, provides an overview of the Valiant universe, as well as pre-generated characters for iconic Valiant heroes. And of course, rules to create your own heroes and villains.  Currently the main rulebook is only available as a PDF, via Drive Through RPG !

That said, you can read through the Book Play Guide and the Quick Start Rules to get an idea of the theme, setting and mechanics.


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