Valiant RPG for Beginners

Catalyst Games Labs has released an RPG system based on the popular Valiant Comics universe. Valiant Comics are most well know for their realistic and gritty interpretation of the superhero genre. Called Valiant RPG, it is designed to be as friendly to new players of RPGs as possible. It utilises the Cue System, making it... Continue Reading →


Linnaeus’s Four Principles of Dice Game Design

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Like most people in my generation of gamers, I love rolling dice; big handfuls of them when possible. Unfortunately, this clashes with a lot of other elements of my taste in games, and there are very few dice games that I love as much as I love rolling dice. While I don’t think I have all the answers for what makes a brilliant dice game, I do have some thoughts; principles, if you will.

I choose the word principles advisedly. Principles should be followed but, unlike laws or rules, they are provided with the expectation that they will be broken *when there is sufficient justification*. I’m not sure how much the designers of the recent spate of dice games (To Court the King, Kingsburg, Pickomino, Roll Through the Ages, &c.) considered these problems, but all of them, as far as I know, break one or more of these principles, and…

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