Mage Wars Discovery Session

Yes, we know the game has been out for a while, but believe it or not it was on my shelf since almost 6 months. I was lucky enough to get it in a Miami shop during my honeymoon ! It was like $30 only compared to a whooping 55-60 € for the base box... Continue Reading →


Age of Conan (Version 2009)

Supposing you are the one that read all manual and are trying to teach your group and enjoy their first game of Conan, you could follow this, and then tell me how it went out. Start with just the basics: Setup army units, explain neutral, friendly and enemy provinces. Setup the adventure deck, explain Conan... Continue Reading →

PACG: Custom Base Decks

Together with our core team of adventurers (Cindy, David, Filip, PG), we're just making our way out of the introduction campaign called "Perils Of Lost Coast" of the Rise Of The Runelords base-set from Paizo. We quickly realized that the suggested decks in the rulebook are not the most optimal. Should we built custom started... Continue Reading →

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