Legendary Encounters

chestburster-cardUpper Deck  Entertainment published back in 2012 an excellent Deck Building game called Legendary. Based on Marvel Universe you have to save the world/city in this cooperative game from evil Villains. There are a lot of reviews on the web about this game, so I won’t make a full description over here – that said, a little surprise (at least for me) release is coming up with Legendary Encounters. This time we’ll be plunged back into survival mode to fight against Aliens. Yes, that’s right – they took up the 20th Century Fox license and made a brand new deck Building game that you can already preorder – read below the pitch from the preorder page that put the setting:
An ALIEN Deck Building Game is a Co-Operative game set in the ALIEN universe. Players will take on the roles of a Commander, Gunner, Synthetic or any of the ten role cards while recruiting powerful allies such as Ripley, Corporal Dwayne Hicks or Christie the Mercenary.

Legendary™ Encounters will take players on a terrifying journey through all four Feature Films, “ALIEN, ALIENS, ALIEN 3 and ALIEN Resurrection” as they work together to complete challenging mission objectives.

Scan Rooms, Attack Xenomorphs, avoid Facehuggers and try, TRY to avoid the ultimate death…becoming the victim of a ravenous Chestburster. If a players fate is destined to this horrific demise, than that player will take on the role of a Xenomorph and try to stop the other players from completing their mission objectives.


The game content will be the following (see Boardgamegeek for details):


Rulebook, game board (14.5″x 33″) and 600 cards:

  • 10 Role Avatars
  • 10 Role Character Cards
  • 35 Specialists
  • 25 Grunts
  • 10 Sergeants
  • 224 Character cards (16 characters with 14 cards each: each character has 1 rare, 3 uncommons, and 5 each of two commons)
  • 4 Locations
  • 12 Objectives
  • 132 Hive cards (12 different “mini-decks”)
  • 24 Drone cards
  • 14 Hatchery Cards
  • 40 Strikes
  • 4 Alien Avatars
  • 36 Alien Player Cards
  • 15 Agenda Cards
  • 5 Secrets Revealed Cards

Boardgames return !

We see articles popping around on the web and in the written press (at least in Belgium) about how cool it is to play boardgames. Yes, it’s true that this activity is trendy again in Central Europe (and across the world) but how come boardgames are coming back now ?


pic1900286_mdWell, a partial answer is certainly due to the fact that some people, I am talking more specifically about the generation of computer players in their 20’s becoming adults in their 30’s and doing something else than online play; see a new life & fun in opening their homes to another type of games … namely boardgames and RPG. Yes, this generation of PC’s and XBOX/Playstation eventually grow up to move on to something else. This is my personal case, but also the case of many of my friends. We’re all around the same age and eventually have a live filled with girlfriend or wife, kids and “adult duties”. Recognize yourself in this ? Probably some of you do !

So when you go to a shop, in place of looking at the videogames section, you might take a peak at the boardgames/tabletop new stuff and realize that some videogames franchises have been adapted to a tabletop version (Like Asssasins Creed or  Gears of War to mention just 2).

Another factor is certainly the number of videos and video reviewers that grow over time. Shows like Tabletop in the Geek and Sundry network is contributing also to the dissemination of information around boardgames. They are certainly not the only ones out there, if you type in the keyword “boardgames” in Youtube, you’ll have a list of results that will keep you awake for days if you want to see all of it. The point is more about the professionalization of doing boardgame reviews, when you look at Board To Death or Watch It Played who are getting partners in and around the boardgames sector to keep up their standard of quality in terms of video delivery including the material required to deliver a good show.

Let’s also admit that in people working in the press industry, being writers/columnist or just a magazine editor, are also willing to find topics that are different that the seasonal mainstream discussions. Yes, it’s nice to have something else to say and surprise your readers with an unusual article from time to time. To do this, boardgames are an excellent source of inspiration for a simple reason: the variety of games can appeal to any public – thus your readers. Don’t believe me ? Let’s take a quick look:

  • If your reader audience is in the 50+ age category you can bring up the aspects around “training and keeping your memory active while having some fun with boardgames”
  • If your reader audience is in the 20-30’s you’ll have all types of themes to attract them (Western, Zombies, movie or videogames related characters – like Laura Croft boardgames as example)
  • If your reader audience is between 5-15 you can appeal to the vertues of education (that should resonate with parents) on one hand, while getting a good TV series franchise or comics (Marvel license for Legendary – a deckbuilding cardgame as example).

Then  of course we can also move towards the core boardgames focus of family gaming nights. Just hit www.theboardgamefamily.com to get a glimpse about a few games worth putting on the table at Sunday night !

img_0228Last factor is certainly that boardgames players are going out of their houses, caves and gaming halls or backrooms from their favorite shops. Yes, by going out and playing in public places parks, restaurants and bars and putting your boardgame on the table, it attracts people – generate interests and helps promoting boardgames in the society.