Feedback on the Brunch & Play Session

pic1886056_mdSo we made it … yes, last Sunday was our first Brunch & Play session. A new concept where you can play from 11AM till 5 PM on the Sunday afternoon, with a limited group, a big buffet with some delicatessen and a warm atmosphere. We got a few games on the table, starting with a Gear & Piston. There were a few in the group who did not yet played it – sounds like it’s a popular pick in our Meetup Group – I’ve received it after a pledge on a kickstarter back in November 2013.

Another table launched a short card game, we could almost call it a “classic” game of Bang! (previously called Wanted). This version from 2002 has a card-mat so each player can keep their cards nicely ordered in front of them. There is by the way a Belgian blog talking in dept about this game over here: bangcardgame.


While some players launched a game of The Island on one table (picture above), the others got the explanations on Coal Baron. This game was kindly explained by Sonia, as I know the title but never played it myself. So I focused on the explanations of Coal Baron instead. The idea here was to get our regular players up to speed on this particular game that has been played already by a few tables in the past. This way, when we play again, we’ll have a group with most people who know already the mechanic of the game which will speed up the play-time and effectiveness (yes, I do still dream of a real “afterwork session” that would last only 2 hours max 🙂 ).

We also launched the “New Games Fund”, requesting every participant for a donation of 3 euros that is put into a fund to buy new games for the group. Once we have enough money, I’ll share back to you a list of games we can buy for our group. The idea is that our Monthly & Afterwork sessions remains totally free, but with a special occasion like the Brunch we can get a good amount of money together to finance our upcoming acquisitions. Big thank you to all who donated last Sunday – you’ll make the difference.

Finally, 2 nice pictures from a game I could discover during the Brunch & Play event. It’s called “Glass Road”




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