Tomorrow’s Afterwork Session


Believe it or not, it’s already Thursday tomorrow – this week went fast ! That’s always the case when you have a lot to do and your prepping yourself for some next events. Yes, “upcoming events” that’s what we like to hear right ?

So let’s go a bit more into the details. We started with our new year 2014 resolution setting up some short (2 hours) “Afterwork Sessions”. Initially one table a week, this actually grow bigger due to popular demand. No kidding ! We’re having a blast with some games acquired on Kickstarter like “The Agent” and other fun stuff.


Tomorrow, we’re actually having not 1, not 2, but 3 full tables of games ! That’s 15+ people who will join us at La Table Food & Games for some hard face to face gameplay. We’ll play 1 table of Concordia, 1 table of Agricola and 1 table of Gear & Piston. This one we brought back in our suitcase from Essen 2013 last October, it’s brand new & shiny, not even unwrapped yet !



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