Back from Essen – Spiel 2013

We are back from Essen with 22 boxes this year Spiel 2013 – this will take us a week or 2 to open, punch-out and read through all the games rules to initiate some “private series” and play with them for the 1st time with our Boardgame Monkeys members.



We started the unboxing yesterday of Legacy – The Testament of Duke De Crecy that we bought from Portal Games in deluxe version + goodies (tokens & 7 special mansion cards), as well as Caverna from Lookout Games that has more than 200 wooden tokens. Since we did not have Agricola in our possession, we rectify this by jumping straight onto Caverna that can be played up to 7 players. Amongst other things, we have the Kickstarter version (full blown add-ons) from Dark Darker Darkest edited by Queen Games, the giant version of Takenoko from Matagot, the deluxe version (limited to 2000 samples) of The Witches from Treefrog Games.

Reviews and details will be provided in the coming weeks (yes, weeks – as we have now a serious stock of games to play, aside of the 10 imported games from the US from 2 weeks ago).





Essen Live Coverage on BoardgamegeekTV

You cannot make it to Spiel 2013 in Essen this year ? No Panic, we found an alternative option for you – follow the live feed from BoardgamegeekTV. You’ll be able to have a peek of what’s happening live over there ! There is a chat where you can exchange thoughts on the right-hand side of the video. You can find the schedule over here.


Private Session: Himalaya – Report Out


As chief of a tribes in the Himalayan mountains, you are a caravaneer that will lead your yaks through the mountain passes in Nepal in order to pick up goods and deliver to the locals who need them for survival. We are here in a themed boardgame with neat figurines and a well-designed board that was picked up for our 1st “private session” at Boardgame Monkeys.

Himalaya is game from Régis Bonnessée for 1-4 players but there is an extension for 5 & 6 players.

We played the version from Tilsit (published in 2004)  with it’s extension (published in 2006). In terms of game duration, a good 90 minutes will do – even with 6 players. The major competition comes in the form of other players attempting to get goods or fill orders before you get to them.

You can find various reviews about the game on Boardgamegeek, but there is one particular well-written over here by Slowcorner. It was nominated for the Spiel Des Jahres in 2005, got the TricTrac Bronze medal in 2002, and the well-known french game designer Bruno Faidutti selected it as “game of the year” in 2005. Bruno is amongst many things the author of Citadels or the latest Mascarade – would you wonder.




How does it play ?

  • The board depicts 20 villages of various sizes, connected by gravel roads, stone roads, or icy roads that your yaks will use.
  • You have 5 types of goods: salt, barely, tea, jade and gold that are randomly positioned (and re-filled) into 5 resource pools in the villages. The goods are small painted cubes. To pick up goods, a player must travel to a village with goods and remove the lowest valued good from that village. To fill an order, a player must travel to a village that has an order ring.
  • You have “orders” (5 to 6 round tokens depending on the number of players). The orders are printed on nice, thick cardboard and representing the colors fo the colored resource cubes.
  • You will pre-program all at the same time your route and/or actions, secretely, before you reveal simultaneously your plan created with 6 tokens. This is a very interesting mechanic that Twin Tin Bots recently used.
  • With your resources you go to the destination towns to deliver goods, which in return allows you to build a religious temple (religious influence), put some délégations (political influence) in the area or get additional yaks (economical influence).

We played with 6, and so, after the 12th round, players are eliminated based on their respective influence in the three areas. This end-game evaluation is very interesting because it’s a 3-fold approach: where the player with the least religious influence is out, then we look at the political influence (either 1 or 2 players – depending on the number of participants – with the least political influence are out) and finally the economical power is the total number of yaks you have in your possession. This gives an interesting end result because you have the obligation to build up on the 3 types of influences.




Feedback from the group ?

Most of us found the game very amusing and there was a constant stress-factor around the table not knowing which way the other yaks would go this round ! We didn’t apply the game-limit of 2 minutes to pre-program your actions, deciding to take it more easy and overall we managed just fine like this without impact on the predicted 90 minutes.

There is some luck as part of the game, when we throw the dice to place new resources and orders, but that can be controlled by knowing which villages already holds resources and pre-program your yaks directions in order to go on one or the other side of the board. If rules are well explained upfront (we took 30 min to really go through the details of the game mechanics before starting), every player at the table should understand what they have to do first (place your stupa’s to establish your religious influence).

DSC_0092The game is fun to play, probably for a more advanced public, and will give you that taste of “already finished ?” when you hit the 12th month of the year, ending the game. Although there are 12 rounds, since everybody plays their programming at the same time and reveal + play their actions in order, you don’t have down-times during the game. You are constantly looking at what the other players are doing, to adapt & optimize your next movements.

With the 5 & 6 players extension, the game get a bit crowded, it often happens that we had 3 and sometimes even 4 yaks at the same town picking up resources. Definitively more hectic, but nonetheless equally fun as with 4 players.  It’s mechanics and calculations make this game strategic but still accessible for players who have the habit of boardgames without being very experienced.



Essen 2013 – Games Selection

You will have within this post the overview of all boardgames & game editors we’re watching out for at Essen 2013, This compilation holds a list of pre-ordered games that will join the collection of Boardgame Monkeys as well as the hand-picked list of booths we plan to check out during our stay. This might inspire you for your own list. The PDF version is available here.

By the way, you can find all the hall plans from Messe – Essen here to draft your route along the 3 exhibition halls.

1-A104 CZECH GAMES EDITION T-zolkin 35 € / Galaxy Trucker HIGH
1-C124 GAME SALUTE Storm Hollow (coop game) / etc.. HIGH
1-D121 QUEEN GAMES Speculation / Via Appia / Alhambra / Amerigo / Maharani / HIGH
1-D126 GRY LEONARDO Nehemiah LOW
1-D137 MAGE COMPANY 12 Realms LOW
1-F101 STRAGOO Mafia City Addon’s LOW
1-F131 KUZNIA GIER Kingpin: Cartel add-on (8 new tiles) LOW
1-F145 JIRASGAMES Nowheresville LOW
1-F160 TREEFROG GAMES Fields Of Glory (15€) / Discworld (The Witches limited ed. 45€) HIGH
2-F136 MERCURY GAMES The capitals LOW
3-B108 + 3-K106 ASMODEE / YSTARI Spyrium / Prosperity HIGH
3-B118 KOSMOS La Boca HIGH
3-D106 EGGERTSPIELE Rokoko / Time ‘n’ Space MEDIUM
3-D109 GIGAMIC Stratopolis / Color Pop / Marrakech MEDIUM
3-E100 THE GAME MASTER Countdown: special ops LOW
3-E102 DAYS OF WONDER Relic Runners (english version) MEDIUM
3-K103 ZMAN GAMES Robinson Crusoe / Glassroad / Tash Kalar HIGH
3-M109 IELLO Andor / Steam Park HIGH
3-M110 PEGASUS SPIEL Rialto / Dokumenta Art / Mage Wars / Mars Wurfel HIGH
3-N102 INDIE BOARDS & CARDS GAMES Gauntlet of Fools HIGH
3-O101 JAPON BRAND Love Letter (version Seiji Kanai) MEDIUM
3-P118 SIT DOWN /  GROSSO MODO Rockwell / Nosferatu HIGH
3-P118 LUDONAUTE Lewis & Clark MEDIUM
3-Q114 WHITE GOBLIN GAMES Artifact / Rattus LOW
3-R109 QUINED GAMES Carson City / Homesteaders / Reef Encounters / HIGH
3-S118 PASSPORT GAME STUDIOS Ace Detective / Cast-away (naufrages) LOW

Mice & Mystics: Video Review on Watch It Played

You’ll find a few great videos published on the Youtube channel Watch It Played. Discover more about Mice & Mystics which is published by Filosofia in Europe/Belgium (french version) or elsewhere by Plaid Hat Games. By the way, for $1 you can already download an additional chapter of the story on that same website.  An expansion ($30) is already in preparation: Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm.





Dice Sculptures

DId you know that beautiful things can be done with some game components that are used as art material. Take the dice sculptures from Tony Cragg . From distance you don’t realize what material is used, only as you come closer it quickly becomes evident for viewers that the large, organic shapes are completely covered with dice. Quite amazing effect, see some pictures below.


dice1-550x366 dice2-550x908 dice5-550x827 dice8-550x824 dice88-550x412