Essen 2013: pre-orders ideas

Hi All,

Another post about Essen Pre-Orders, following the one about Repos Production. I did a check on various game distributors for some cool pre-orders to make. So let me share with you a few games that are for Boardgame Monkeys worth pre-ordering :


White Goblin Games has a few good pre-order packages available. Especially if you like Rattus and haven’t any boxes yet, a package might be worth for you ! If you want to discover more about Rattus and other games have a look on Boardgamegeek. Rattus and Rattus Cartus were published in 2010 with a few expansions in 2010-2011 and was a 2011 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee. Read some reviews of the game over here or here. Tip: if you missed some goodies from previous Essen Exhibitions, you can also pre-order them on the website.

essen2013preorder-dastworkThe Italians from Dast Work are proposing a steampunk card game called C.O.A.L. that has a pretty good rating on Boardgamegeek. This is a 2 to 4 player game (that plays well for 2 people). Here’s the pitch:

In a world where computers have never been invented and coal is the most precious resource, a group of brave pilots board their armored Steambots, take their place in the pilot seats of these 30-feet-tall, steam-powered fighting machines, and drive them into fierce arena battles.This is C.O.A.L.: Combat-Oriented Armored League, a two- to four-player card game with a steampunk setting. C.O.A.L. uses an original game mechanism that combines resource management, bluffing, and memory to simulate the heat of a real battle. The game includes four Steambot models – each with its own features, attacks, and defensive maneuvers – and eight different pilots, which have special piloting abilities of their own.

C.O.A.L.: Combat-Oriented Armored League includes customized rules for two-player games, for battles with three or four players, and for two-vs-two partnership games. Deck-building rules are included for advanced players who want to combine parts to build different Steambot models. Duels are quick, typically ending in about ten minutes.

We got an explanation on the Steambot card: there are 80 of them in the game, divided in 4 different decks of 20 cards each. Considering that there are two copies of each card, C.O.A.L. contains 40 different cards. You can discover more about the anatomy of the game cards in this forum. The game cover and card illustrations are the work of Alan D’Amico, who has worked for Games Workshop previously.  Retail price will be 25 € but discounted at ~20€ if you pre-order the game on their website.

Portal games is also having some pre-orders for Theseus, Legacy and the expansion of Robinson Crusoe (nominated for “Best Game Of The Year 2012” and “Best Game Theme 2012” of the Dice Tower Awards.

yhst-31180761784268_2272_2007807 yhst-31180761784268_2270_21237255Bezier Games will have a Suburbia expansion in pre-order and an interesting murder/mystery deduction game called Ultimate Werewolf.

Quined Games has interesting pre-orders; special mention for American Rails where each player assumes the role of a wealthy capitalist managing a portfolio of stocks and bonds in six fictional railroad companies.

Last but not least, have also a reading on the website of Czech Games Edition – although pre-orders are not open yet – you will see what’s coming up from them for essen.

Don’t forget that there are several regular game stores that sell their current stock at decent prices and they usually bring some Essen special offers, too. Among those are AllGames4you and Spiele Offensive. You may also get special discounts if subscribe to their newsletters etc. – so good tip is to register to those 🙂 .


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