New September Magazines

spielbox_sept_01Surprise in my mailbox (the real one downstairs) today, the postman left not one but 2 magazines for my reading pleasure this month.  Counter Magazine and Spielbox (their English version).

The counter Magazine is more modest in design & layout. It’s smaller, black & white (ok – cover is blue carton paper this month:) ) and usually holds more specialized articles such as advanced game reviews & critics. Definitively not something I’m reading in bed at night but more in the morning with a strong coffee. That aside, overall it has good & easy to read text.

The Spielbox issue #4 / 2013 has as frontpage the Legend of Andor design with 64 pages content and 2 goodies; Two cards for Last Will & One card called “the damned” for Mascarade (the last game of Bruno Faidutti – the award winner of “La Patate D’Or” at Paris est Ludique 2013).


I’ll bring the last issues I received at our next Boardgame Monkeys Event (see our Meetup and RSVP for the 26/9) so you can do some reading too and peak into the articles.




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