Spiel Des Jahres 2013 – Games Catalogue Published

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A quick note to mention that the 2013 guide is published for all nominated games of the prestigious “Spiel Des Jahres” 2013. You can find it over here in PDF format for download. In those 44 pages, you will find an explanation (in English – a German version is also available on the website) of each games. As all those boardgames are really good, we strongly advise a reading with a cup of coffee!

Graf Ludo 2013 Nominations



Do you know about the German price for best boardgames graphics ? It’s here all about layout of the game elements, colors, shapes and overall ergonomy. Yesterday they published the 6 nomination for 2013 – the winners will be announced on 4th October 2013 during the Exhibution Modell-hobby-spiel in Leipzig. Find below the details :

In the category ‘Beste Familienspielgrafik’:

  • Brügge (Hans im Glück). Designer: Michael Menzel. Author: Stefan Feld.
  • Die Legenden von Andor (Kosmos). Designer: Michael Menzel. Author: Michael Menzel.
  • Die Zwerge (Pegasus). Designer: Jarek Nocon. Authors: Michael Palm & Lukas Zach.


In the category ‘Beste Kinderspielgrafik’:

  • Die monsterstarke Musikschule (Ravensburger). Designer: Joachim Krause, ideo, Serviceplan, kinetic, DE Ravensburger en Vera Bolze. Author: Kai Haferkamp.
  • Nacht der magischen Schatten (Haba). Designer: Marc Robitzky. Author: Kai Haferkamp.
  • Die verzauberten Rumpelriesen (Drei Magier). Designer: Rolf Vogt. Authors: Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia en Walter Obert.


Find out more information on the Graf Ludo website

Boardgames are “Trendy Again”

Did you know that in the last 2 weeks there was a few TV coverage on national television in France and Belgium about boardgames in society ?

BGFIn Belgium we had the Brussels Games Festival review done by RTL-TVI during both the 13H00 and 19H00 television news. This was then relayed via the written press in Le Soir and La Libre Belgique. If you don’t know yet what the BGF is about, have a look at the BGF Facebook for some pictures of this successful event ! Some nice videos made by Digital Transmedia are also worth seeing over here. If you didn’t make it this year, no worries because my little finger told me you will be able to make it up most probably next year.

France2-JeuxSocieteNow also in France you have some TV news around boardgames. On France 2 there was a dedicated topic at the 13H00 news (scroll through the video at 16:48 min). In this short sequence the journalist is explaining how modern boardgames are played by individuals, a family or group of friends.  Nicolas Benoist is interviewed and specify also that the company Asmodee is generating a yearly revenue of 70 millions euros in France (with a non-communicated net-revenue). While Asmodee is looking after a revenue of 130 millions euros this year on the global boardgames market.

Essen’s Game Selection: Banjooli Xeet

623-BanjooliWhile we’re currently working on our complete “wishlist” for Essen 2013, below a peek on a couple of games that we’re really looking forward to. Why share this now ? We realized that some people are actually preparing their very own list of games to look after at Essen !

What is Essen all about ? It’s the biggest boardgaming (yearly) event in Europe. It takes place  in a huge exhibition hall: Messe Essen.

Our goal is not to give you a full exhaustive list of games that will come out for Essen, but a peek on what we believe to be games to look out for.

Banjooli Xeet is a small & familial race game with some fun looking ostrich theme and some dices to gamble. Could be a lot of fun with some kids.



The author Diego Ibañez  is from Equador who published Las Torres de Zoraida (he was finalist from the contest Creación de juegos Ciudad de Granollers). Curious about how the game looks like; have a look on the “open the box” youtube video from 5 minutos por jeugo. Have also a look at the Boardgamesgeek page for more information (did you notice the average rating given is 7.38/10).